Friday, December 7, 2012

Requiem For Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is locked 20,000 ft. below Manhattan Beach, CA in a prison studio making Metal Gear Games.

Hideo Kojima, prisoner of video games, mentioned Snatcher casually in conversation and a skinny white dude slapped him real hard

Hideo Kojima is fed two peanut butter and luttuce Lunchables a day WITHOUT THE PEANUT BUTTER.

Hideo Kojima, trapped in a corporate gulag, is only allowed *two* material possessions: a VHS copy of "Escape From New York" and a Moleskine.

Hideo Kojima, starving, hysterical, naked, hallucinates the ghost of the penguin from Penguin Adventure who hands him a golden apple.

Hideo Kojima EATS the apple. He transcends the cosmos into the land of God, returning to the Garden of Eden. There are NO snakes.

RIP Hideo Kojima 1963-1997 

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