Saturday, September 3, 2011


An internet play in One Act.

Stranger: Male, Cricket fan, possibly horny.
You: You.

: Omegle, Wednesday Morning, 3AM

You: Cricket? No one understands Cricket.
You: It's like five mechanics running around with a wooden plank!
Stranger: shutup everyone love cricket
You: Once I watched a cricket game...
You: .....and the game is STILL GOING.
Stranger: no man
Stranger: u see a five day match
You: OK.
You: You're going to have to school me on Cricket.
You: Tell me. Explain everything.
You: I want to believe!
Stranger: so listen seriously
Stranger: i m indian
Stranger: its a popular game in asia
You: Of course.
Stranger: australia national game is cricket
Stranger: indaian people treat cricket like a god
Stranger: they all r crazy for cricket..
You: But explain the game! How does it work?
You: Then I'll be an expert.
Stranger: two nation play cricket with each other....n make a score
You: Yes. Many games are centered around scoring points.
Stranger: yea
Stranger: 50 50 over will be there..
Stranger: there is one bowler who will bowl 10 over in one day match
You: Bowling!
Stranger: means throw a ball to d bats men side
Stranger: who hit d ball very hard just like a base ball game
You: Can you score a Home Run in Cricket?

You: Or will that end the game 'cause the ball is lost?

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