Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Not much noise was made in the high school cafeteria this morning. Just the night before, a tired nation had a lot to sleep on. Towers Falling. Planes. Terrorists. Some guy named Osama. For some, even the Islamic faith. It was a lot to digest. But it was now Wednesday, and suddenly yesterday's shocking events subdued this once rowdy cafeteria into quiet introspection.

My friend Greg and I were trying to piece together all we knew about Osama. We've heard about him off and on during the Clinton days, but now, we were all provoked to take a closer look. Despite the fact that the news on national television aired completely non-stop, and probably wouldn't stop for another few weeks, it didn't make understanding the situation any easier. Yet others weren't interested in the details. In fact, many were looking for a different type of catharsis.

A student walks up to our table after he overhears our conversation. "Hey guys, get this: Osama Bin Laden." We both turned our heads. "Yeah, we were just talking about him." He nodded. "No, listen closely. Osama Bin Laden. 'Been Laden'. Get it?"

It was a tough time for America.

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