Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Like any one of you, I like to buy my share of stupid junk on the internet. I've gotten on bidding wars on eBay, having sniped, outbid, overbid, and lost my way through many an auction. But I've always held a special place in my heart for, which for about ten years now, has been a subsidiary of eBay. These days, is rather boring and prefunctory, far from it's inarguably more functional and even publicized heyday (it even used to have a town named after it) and far from the chaotic mess it used to be. It wasn't either eBay or Amazon, but perhaps a little bit of both. It was accidentally caught up in the middle of the expanding universe which was the internet. Consider this a list of things of changes, for better or worse, has endured.

First of all, any level of community or communication used to have is gone. It wasn't ever to the lengths of Amazon, where there's detailed lists and public wishlists. It never went that far. But, users were able to review products and more importantly, were able to ask questions to the sellers, just like it's sister site, eBay. Each item had several fields of description, which could explain the condition of a certain item to the finest detail, and whatever doubts the user had could be dealt with by asking the seller. Today, the description system has been simplified, and is generally not used descriptively to the extent the other system required. You can't ask any questions to cover up any ambiguities, so you're left with either taking it or leaving it. I recalled the moment this change took place, I ended up not only getting the wrong entry of the series of the book I bought, but it was a softcover version, as opposed to hardcover as described in the listing.

At one point, a few years ago, I began recieving e-Mails asking me to update my wish list. It turns out they added expiration dates, which force the user to keep updating each individual entry, or else face deletion.
In order to ensure your accuracy of your Wish List, please review the products on your wish list and make any modifications you think might be necessary. We have found that users who update their Wish List on a regular basis experience better match rates than those who do not. Additionally, it is important for us at to ensure our data is up to date and accurate.
Isn't it for me to maintain my own list at my own leisure? Even if I don't update something, it doesn't mean that I don't want it anymore. I can't see why a website wont give me the benefit of the doubt. Besides, who does it affect? Worst case scenario, I get prices for things I don't want anymore. Also, it's not like the Wish List's are public, like in Amazon. Not to mention, it warns me months in advance, and even tells me it has deleted entries when it hasn't. So, in a nutshell, it's broken and it's a pain in the ass. This one still stings since the day it became policy.

Coupons are basically useless for the every day user. Not like it's something I expect often or anything, but these days, coupons only exist to serve new members or textbooks over fifty bucks. If you do end up with the high privilege a coupon, expect to save five bucks.

All Categories, sans everything else.

Here's the part I missed the most, and the most beautifully missed part of the website. With it's multitude of sections, and with it's Everything Else section, was the grayest friggin' market of a yard sale of the whole internet.You want to buy 1970's Sears Catalogs? Sold! Nintendo Power Gloves? You got it! It was all there. Sometimes, if something you wanted wasn't at the price you wanted it to be in it's regular listing, you could dig deep within "Everything Else" and it might be there, waiting just for you. Either that or they forgot to direct it to the right place. But that was the beauty of it, no?

Though I have no actual proof for this, but the prices are generally higher than they used to be. Call it the collective spoiling of society to eBay savvy, or perhaps it's just the bad economy, but theres stuff I bought then at prices that are unheard of today. For example, I bought a complete boxed copy of the typically elusive video game Earthbound for $37 there. Had the seller looked at eBay, Amazon, or any other website, they would've found prices at least twice that amount, for the same condition. But then, I get the feeling that the general tone was "I'm just getting rid of my son's junk on the world wide web!" That's where's relative obscurity came into play, being the uncharted Wild West of e-commerce before it decided to build a fence around itself and consider itself tame. Either way, the items on my wishlist aren't getting any cheaper, that's for sure.

If wikipedia and a whole other slew of websites are to be believed, the website was bought by eBay with the intention of being swallowed whole and integrating whatever innovations it had then. But it's surprising amount of sales of textbooks gave eBay a change of heart and allowed the practically terminal to remain on life support. It's hardly reflective of the internet of today, or yesterday. But it's still an easy way to get positive eBay Feedback.


  1. Well I can't defend after that little rant, I still have a place in my heart just for half though and it will always be there. With my recent interest in comics and books half has really helped me keep cost down. I'm personally sick of ebay I don't want all that nonsense, yeah sure the descriptions are nice but there is just too much shit on the interface of Ebay. Amazon is ok... but I always thought or felt like it was Ebays gay cousin... I don't know why I just don't like Amazon, it's gay.
    then there is Craigslist, uggg the scary ghetto swap meet on the internet. I get the hebee jebees just going to craigslist... I fell like I'm in some dirty animal porn site when I visit this place... you are lucky to get a picture of the item you want. Prices are ambiguous and you don't really know who is selling the item. You try to leave an email and you will NEVER get a response. People get mad at you if you make them an offer "WHAT THE FUCK!!! I bought it 12 years ago for $50 I only used it 345,976 times it's still good you're lucky if I give it to you for $48.99." NO your shit sucks I don't want it, Ebay is the same way. Hey if you only got $12 for you Ford Pinto then hey buddy should have put a higher starting price but NOOOOOOooooo now you will always get "Minimum bid not reached" WHAT!!!??? Fool I reached my minimum bid I don't want to spend more. I can't remember the last time I got something from ebay.. besides it's always some cheap crap when you get it anyway... it's all broken and shit and what can you do now file a complaint mail it back and after two years of hassles and problems you will get 10% of what you spent on the stupid item. Back to Half... yeah the descriptions suck come one people just blurt down some stuff "book is fun read for adults and people that like porn" or "book is worn out too much spermy on the pages wont open.. good paper weight" was that too hard? But again I love half you can enter ISBN you get prices in all sorts of ranges... they are entered in separate locations like good awesome or FAIL. depending on what you want and what condition you want will determine the price and I've always been able to find the books I want for "Half" if not less then they are in book stores. Now to the coupons... well maybe not the same but I've always gotten things like 'FREE SHIPPING click here' I don't click here... I'm scared, but I think that's where you get the coupon. Well I've lost track of where I was going with this and I think I might have just been rambling but Long live (an Ebay company)

  2. Well, first of all, I didn't know websites had sexual oreintations, but thanks for your unique insight on the subject.

    I still use often, and as I mentioned before, I do manage my Wish List and purchase from it often, but not at the speed likes me to. The prices are still great. But its rather dumbed down interface makes it less deserving of my attention. I'm sure there's some nifty alternatives somewhere, even if they don't have the stature that has.

    Abebooks seems like a cool place for books, for instance. You can at least ask the seller questions.

  3. NO... Amazon is gay
    and yeah I'm sure there are tons of other websites like overstock and what not but I still enjoy Half over any other site I've been on. and I refuse to pay full price for books... at least as often as possible. going to B& is stupid pay for the book full price and then shipping and then you have to wait
    NO I refuse
    same with borders, if I'm gonna pay online I want a cheaper price. I have to pay for shipping and I have to wait for my book and it's the same price as in the store??? that's stupid.
    anyway I'm getting stuck on books, un fortunately I don't like buying any other product online out side of shirts and books I just don't trust any auction site.
    Shalom :)

  4. Yeah there's no use in buying textbooks/books at full price. There are so many other avenues nowadays that you'd just be throwing your money away.