Friday, January 15, 2010


I know someone who was in love. Turns out it wasn't a shared experience. His supposed love went on to a different school and, you know, setting her priorities straight and moving on with her life. What was my friend doing? He was rocking out to his iPod. "Who are you listening to?" I say. "Tom Petty." he says. "It's her favorite. I saw it on her Facebook page."

Look, I don't claim to be Dr. Love or anything, but I know that's creepy as hell. I don't know how romantic their obsessive behavior intends to be, but it's just inconsiderate behavior, and I wish it would go without saying, but clearly that's not the case.

I guess a lot of folks are asking themselves more than ever as to how private or public they want their lives to be. Facebook just updated it's privacy policies, and added a highly detailed level of privacy control. But I think there's a trade off there. By shutting themselves off, they're going to have to participate less. But everyone has different needs. Especially when they have potential creeps to deal with.

What I do find worrying though, is when the control of privacy is involuntary. Look at this hilariously creepy ad I spotted a month ago.


Well, can't argue that they're not playing their cards right. I wonder how the focus group meetings went. "You know what would sell these Mobile Spy thingies? SEX APPEAL!"

You know what's even extra creepy? This was actually an animated GIF that had that person moving around the map, either unknowingly going on with her daily life or cautiously evading her stalker. I imagine some creep following a stranger into the mall using one of these things, bumping into him/her saying, "Oh, I'm very sorry, may I help you up?"

But you know what's sorta creepy too? Non-profits. Each of them always has an awareness month and a website full of PDF's. Whose getting a tax deduction from this?

Well excuuuse me, princess. Not my fault that I didn't know that 75% of stalkees know their stalkers as opposed to 83%. Also, where I come from (school), 80% is a passing grade. Creeps.

Sigh. Look, I'm all for your cause, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. But the easiest way to get me to laugh at something is to tell me it's not funny. Call me a creep, but it's the truth.


  1. Saw a seductive babe in this post... but too tired I'll read it in the morning -_- yawwwwwwwn

  2. ok I read the article, it's true though. With the new age came a new way to be a stalker, everyone has a facespace and every one I talk to has used it to spy on someone. It is really creepy but they say its being a creeper not a creep. I don't care what you call it it's fucking creep status. Not much I can say really I agree with your post pretty much 100% all I can really do is comment on how every one is becoming that creepy guy next door. Sending out messages like "Hey you don't know me but you're hot"
    or "hey is that you in the pic? if so you're really hot" or something like that. Now I don't do very much social networking but I'm not really a sociable person. I guess I'm stuck in a time where you actually said hi to people face to face and developed a friendship not sending out a friend request and calling it a day. Point is so much information is up on these social networking sites that people can get almost any information they want because you put it there. People should be careful what they make visible to non friends or people who are just being "creepers"
    So Ivan you like going to so and so shop? hmmm I'm going to start going there too and see if we can't bump into each other.

  3. I'll be waiting for you then ;)

    Note to myself. Smilies are creepy.

  4. Kind of reminds me of a time I thought I was hit on by a some Indian guy I didn't know on Facebook. He was really interested in my expression on my profile photo. Calling it pretty. Turns out he was a friend of a friend. Perhaps I misinterpreted him, seeing as english wasn't his primary language.

  5. No, I remember this story.... he liked you not that there's anything wrong with that.

    :D smilies are creepy

  6. oh god you to

    really anything now and days can be said and counted as creepy ;)