Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Signing applications is laborious in itself. I do hate to say that, but I must've signed almost thirty applications this month alone, and almost all of them have these stupid, time consuming personal questioniares. I think David Sedaris said it best by saying the primary goal for these things is to weed out the sociopaths. For everyone else, they're answering stupid questions like "I NEVER TOLD A LIE TO MY PARENTS" which of course I have to answer STRONGLY DISAGREE or else I'd sound like a fucking idiot and become a liar myself. If the robots at Human Resources actually favor the person who says otherwise, may the Terminators rise and take down the idiots responsible for stuff like this:
Unicru/Kronos or whoever wrote this syntactic nightmare, you have no idea how annoying it is to take your tests day after day. You DON'T act polite when you DON'T want to, followed by a variable YES or NO answer? Try this: you act impolite when you don't want to. Was that so hard? Of course it was. Because you're stupid. Stupid in the head.


  1. ahh yes I remember doing these over and over and over again. I guess you've finally gone mad Ivan can't say I didn't see this coming though.
    I should tell you though, once you get the job at any of these retailers you will go even more mad.
    If you thought people were stupid now ... heh wait until they starting asking you for help and asking stupid questions.
    In the long run though it does provide a form of income.

  2. It wouldn't bother me if it weren't so goddamn banal. Other websites have the courtesy of allowing you to sign up for accounts and the 45 minutes spent on the questionaire will apply to anything else you sign up for in that company.

    Not for this one, though. With my high speed connection, and the predictability of the questions, it took me almost two hours just to sign up for two different positions.

    You know, considering the job climate, if answering stupid questions becomes part of the job, then I could definately tolerate it for as long as necessary. In the meantime, I'm waiting for someone to just give me a friggin' interview.

  3. i helped a few of my friends with there applications and of course we lied and yes these questionaires are just plain dumb becasue the person reviewing this know everything or most of whats you answered on it is bull shit