Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After a week of blog-free activity, I've finished working on this video, and at the moment it's a little hard for me to get a perspective on how others will percieve the information on here.

But definately, it's at least suggestive of the facts of what I do know. This is the first production of it's kind at the school in nearly a decade, and from what I heard, it could be much longer. This clearly means a lot to the students involved, as they've taken a level of inititive not seen by students in a long time, and it is as frustrating as it is exhilarating. A lot of that inititive has come from the knowledge that years of attempts at student productions have come and gone and have maintained a reputation for not producing results. As suggested by the video, there's an almost political element between the students and the faculty, who have for years dictated which productions students are or aren't involved in. Yes, sometimes the students aren't involved.

There's a lot of details. I don't know all of them, and I'm not about to get specific, but we want to sort it out and make a picture of the production and it's relation to the status quo of the school's theater program, the kind that they're trying to shake up. We assembled this promotional video from what we shot for that.

So, if you're near the South Bay area, come out and see them. The cost? Proving to you that they've got more than just good intentions, they have motive. (Admission is free)


  1. You know for a fact that I'm going, and after viewing some of the rehearsal I can't wait to see the whole play. Let me know what the days and times are for the show.

  2. Here you go:

    Premieres Friday, February 5th at 8:00 PM. at the CSUDH Edison Studio Theatre.
    Will run from Feb. 4-7th at 8:00, with a preview show on Thursday, Feb.4th and a matinee on Saturday, Feb. 6th at 2:00.

  3. By the way, I knew that I had to adjust the width of this blog sooner or later. The proportions of that youtube video are too wide for the template I use.

    I was going to change it sooner or later. Might as well be sooner.