Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Dr. Death died.

I'm referring to wrestler Steve Williams, who I'm not familiar with, but here's a tribute video showing him beating a Japanese man senseless. It's a sad story, considering he's spent most of past few years battling cancer. I guess it goes without saying that with a name like Dr. Death, it's impossible to escape the irony.

Whatta name, though. Dr. Death. It's hard to think of a nickname any more suggestive as that. I mean, what does it take to be nicknamed Dr. Death? What does it mean to be called Dr. Death?

Well, thanks to the internet, this wikipedia thread lists the most notable Dr. Deaths throughout history! Interestingly enough, almost half of them are dead.

Here's a few highlights:

Two Nazi war criminals, which don't need any prior introduction...

Aribert Heim: "...instead of treating the prisoner's foot, Heim placed him under anesthesia, cut him open, took apart one kidney, removed the second and castrated him. The man was decapitated and Heim boiled the flesh off the skull for use as a paperweight and display."

Josef Mengele: "He supervised an operation by which two Romanie children were sewn together to create conjoined twins..." (Also, read about his life on the run from German authorities, which includes a moment where he tried to escape to Paraguray under the psuedonym Jose Mengele.)

Two Doctors known for their involvement in assisted-suicide..

Jack Kevorkian: "On the November 22, 1998, broadcast of 60 Minutes, Kevorkian allowed the airing of a videotape he had made on September 17, 1998, which depicted the voluntary euthanasia....during the videotape, Kevorkian dared the authorities to try to convict him or stop him from carrying out assisted suicides." (Be sure to check out articles about his career in the arts as a painter and a jazz musician!)

Dr. Philip Nitschke: "Nitschke was the first doctor in the world to administer a legal, voluntary, lethal injection."

A Doctor who has a hand in law enforcement...

James Grigson:
"Grigson was widely used as a medical expert in Texas, overwhelmingly in capital cases for the prosecution. In Texas, jurors are required to determine "whether there is a probability that the defendant would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society."Grigson offered such predictions in at least 124 death penalty cases, 115 of which resulted in death sentences."

...and a Doctor who believes law enforcement plays a hand in the deaths of others...

Pornthip Rojanasunand: "During the anti-drug campaign by the government in early 2003, more than 1,000 people vanished or were killed; Pornthip has shown that several of these deaths were caused by police"
(she also sports a punk rock hairdo)

and then there's Maxim Vladimirovich Petrov, also known as Dr. Killer! I asked for a more suggestive name, and I think I found it.

Theres a lot more than that, so go read it if you haven't already.

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