Monday, December 30, 2013

Completely Worthless List of Lists, 2013 ed.

albums I heard over and over again:
deerhoof - breakup song
kid koala - 12-bit blues
shugo tokumaru - in focus?
shugo tokumaru - port entropy
boredoms - super ae
melt banana - fetch
dirty projectors - swing lo magellan
the hotline miami soundtrack
das racist - relax
the apples in stereo - fun trick noisemaker
art tatum - solos
yo la tengo - fade

great songs I've heard:
the end is near - the firey furnaces
MFN - cibo matto

good movies I've seen:
wings of desire
repo man
kiki's delivery service (once on bluray, and the other in the cinema)
encounters at the end of the world + happy people of the tiga
inside llewyn davis
the world's end
computer chess
twice upon a time (the original version, at cinefamily)
the 1977 winnie the pooh movie
most of anything by the brothers quay
michel gondry's is the man who is tall happy? (convoluted but well worth the effort)

good reads:
tess of the d'urbervilles - thomas hardy
illegal copies of brand new salinger material
virginia woolf essays
i never liked you - chester brown
RASL - jeff smith
approximate continnum comics - lewis trondheim
adrian tomine - optic nerve #1-12
dubliners - james joyce

best video games:
sensible soccer
monaco: what's yours is mine
wyv and keep
rayman legends
samurai gunn
nuclear throne

all of them easily the best video games I've played in a long time.

amazing things that happened: 
comic con 2013
ending up in a godzilla promo at comic-con
some rare 
seeing deltron 3030 live
writing about some horrible legislation and getting published front page
driving out really late one sunday night on a fucking whim to watch a michel gondry movie about linguistics
losing at cards against humanity
winning scrabble
finishing tess of the d'urbervilles
buying a volume of george herriman's krazy kat for ten bucks at the LA Auto Show at Kentia fucking hall
burning out on graphic novels (actually not a good thing)
importing morrissey's autobiography and not reading it
my friends making dough at wondercon
watching rocky and bullwinkle
watching arrested development
watching foster's home for imaginary friends
going to galco's soda pop shop and discovering butterscotch soda
whole foods' $2.99 six-pack of generic beer
brother thelonious, a thelonious monk beer
david lynch's expensive as fuck coffee (good though)
that really expensive, comic-con exclusive regular show fold-out comic that goes like ten feet wide
buying nearly the entire run of optic nerve at a comic book shop at four in the morning
drinking dayman ipa booze at congregation
discovering the genius that is sensible soccer
discovering the genius that is apples in stereo
making a cat-themed calendar
drinking with grad students

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Worst Years of The 1940's

10. 1947
09. 1948
08. 1949
07. 1946
06. 1945
05. 1944
04. 1943
03. 1942
02. 1941
01. 1940


worst years of the 1990's
worst years of the 2000's

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Japan: It's Funny Again (dicks, boobs, and anime)

Japan is so fucking wacky you guys.

Fooled ya. Instead I'm in the yuppiest part of Torrance, CA at some store called DAISO. They're pretty good at selling cheap and practical Japanese goods. I buy my pens from there all the time.

But enough of that. Being the internet and all, I'm considering SEO and miscellaneous internet bullshit to give you what you want: dicks, boobs, and anime. That's what you're here for, right?

If you only had DAISO only a decade sooner, you would've been the life of the Anime Club:

Look at this guy.

This box says INSTANT BOOBS. What more do you want out of something?